A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself inside a dark dungeon full of filthy orcs and goblins.

Collect the diamonds and find the key to your salvation but be careful you may lose your sanity.

Known Bugs

  • When the player jumping on a enemy the jump animation stucks in a loop.

Other Changes

  • added 2 new levels.
  • added more than 10 sound effects (player jump,player hurt,enemy attack etc.).
  • added ScoreBoard.
  • added Level Selection Menu.

Install instructions

Just unzip the rar file and run the .exe file.Have fun!!!


DungeonCrawler.V.0.8_Windows 19 MB
DungeonCrawler.V.0.8_Linux 43 MB
DungeonCrawler.V.0.8_Mac OS X 21 MB

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